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After ten years of experience  in cabaret and theatre, in 1994,  Patrice Thibaud met Michèle Guigon with whom he performed Duo, Histoire d’Amourire. In 1995, Christian Schiaretti invited him to become a member of his theatre company at the Centre Dramatique National de Reims where he spent the next five years experimenting in various theatrical styles.  In 2001, he met Jérôme Deschamps and Macha Makaïeff with whom he performed in the theatrical productions: La Cour des Grands, Les Etourdis and Les Soirées Tati and in Mozart’s Then in  July 2006, at the insistent request of the International Festival of Salzburg, he devised and presented with Philippe Leygnac a 20-minute musical mime show for the festival’s opening ceremony,  broadcast live on Austrian television. From 2004 to 2006, he appeared daily on Stéphane Bern’s TV show 20h10 Pétantes on Canal +, where he performed original mime sketches. Then in 2007, he could be found on  M6 TV where he was writer and performer in  Michelle and Michel, a spoof on the Shopping Channel. Patrice Thibaud has also been featured in the films: Asterix at the Olympic Games by Frédéric Forestier and Thomas Langmann, Mes Amis, Mes Amours by Lorraine Levy, and in Agathe Cléry by Etienne Chatiliez. The theatrical productions of Patrice Thibaud are represented by John Lambert & Assoc. in Canada, the USA and Asia-Pacific Region.

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FAIR PLAY: Touring Calendar
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FRANITO: Touring Calendar
FRANITO: Review Excerpts
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COCORICO is a comedic phenomenon that literally defies words…. for no words are spoken.

Patrice Thibaud and Philippe Leygnac deliver a production that is wonderfully funny, evocative and endlessly surprising. The chemistry of this duo has a poetic beauty as, with sidesplitting interaction, they conjure up instantly recognizable characters and comic situations, all in a blink of the eye. The audience not only laugh uproarously at the antics unfolding before them but perhaps more accurately, they have their hearts irresistibly won over. Thibaud the comic genius and Leygnac the musical wonderkind are both impeccably trained in their art and communicate a world of ideas and emotions via their nuanced physical comedy and inventive musical score.

Also starring Philippe Leygnac

Originally a student of graphics at the Maximilien Vox College of Art (1977) and then animation at the Gobelins school in Paris (1983), Philippe then simultaneously studied music theory and the trumpet at the Conservatoire de Meudon.  A self-taught pianist, multi-instrumentalist and arranger, he performed with Pierre Santini in J’aime Brecht at the Théâtre du Tourtour, Paris (1987) . He co-wrote and performed the music of L’Enfant Rat by Armand Gatti at the Francophonies Festival in Limoges (1996), improvised the piano accompaniment for Meeting Poétique by André Velter and C. Guerre at the Mutualité (broadcast on France Culture in 2002). Musician-actor, he performed in Avignon with Serge Dangleterre in Les Bruits de la Nuit (1995), Clowners (1997) and the Théâtre Molière with Jean- Luc Debatice in Toutes Griffes Dehors (1997), and Florilège de Fous (2002) and then collaborated with Jérôme Deschamps and Macha Makaïeff in Les Etourdis (2003-2004), L’Affaire de La Rue Lourcine (2005), La Méchante Vie (2006), and L’Etoile at the Opéra Comique (2007)

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“”The awe-inspiriing talent of two people who are as intelligent and sensitieve as they are talented” Arnelle Heliot, Le Figaro
“This show is a fireworks display of visual invention, laughter and poetry. What a joy!” – Marie-Celine Niviere, Pariscope
There was no need for a warming-up, sheer laughter started from the moment the two performers were on stage, and kept coming, with even tears sometimes, through and through until the very end, to the greatest applause I have ever witnessed in the capital. So, go and join in, you really do not want to miss out!  – PlaysToSee.com Review by Caroline Perret 





Places please, gentlemen. The games are on!  With a sharp eye and keenly flexed muscles, Patrice Thibaud and Philippe Leygnac are all set to get down to business and GO….  Faster! Higher! Stronger!  Taking on the riskiest and most demanding sports disciplines, FAIR-PLAY puts the focus squarely on the athlete’s body.  As elegant as Tati and as delightful as De Funès, these two champions conjure up their own the sports competitions, be it a race, a soccer game or a gymnastics competition and turn the Olympics on their head while leaving the audience in stitches. And all without a word being spoken.

Accompanied by Philippe Leygnac once again, Patrice Thibaud gives us a show for all ages that examines sport and its mind-set in a witty and off -beat manner.





‘Thibaud and Leygnac do not use words but they show things—in a fraction of a second. […] The fun is doubled by this duo effect: Thibaud, the plump one (Thibaud uses the many layers of his ‘abdominal muscles’) and and Leygnac the skinny one, the master and the guy he pushes around. Thibaud uses his body as an orchestra while Leygnac, with his trumpet, piano and percussive instruments , is a one-man band.’  Luxemburger Wort

‘[Thibaud and] his faithful friend Philippe Leygnac dissect athletes’ strengths and weaknesses, stuggling careers and overambitious goals with tenderness and causticity.’ Le Parisien

‘Patrice Thibaud […] puts sport through the mill to hilarious and offbeat effect. After ‘Jungles’ and ‘Cocorico’, the disciple of Tati and Keaton again strikes a note of excellence all without words with his friend and musician Philippe Leygnac.’
Le Mag Sud Ouest


Teamed with Fran Espinosa, flamenco dancer extrordinaire from the José Montalvo dance company and accompanied by guitarist Cédric Diot, Patrice Thibaud has this time focused his comic genius on scenes of a Spanish mama and her son, a flamenco prodigy. Patrice Thibaud plays the Spanish mama and Fran Espinosa is Franito, an obedient lad whose feet just won’t stay still. To escape the smothering love of his overbearing mother, the little Fran takes refuge in his passion for flamenco.

FRANITO is a mix of music, theatre and dance and is as much about what it sounds like as what it looks like….the sounds of feet striking the floor, flamenco “palmas”, snapping fingers, guitar and passionate vocals. For mother and son, everything serves their invention: broom, kitchen table and chair, garbage can lid, as the extravagant dances and songs flow one after the other and the laughter never lets up.